How to Smooth the Rough Skin Easily

Smooth the rough skin on the face, feet and palms naturally - The skin is one of the five outer senses in our body, making it very easy for others to see. Thus, if our facial skin looks rough, it must be addressed immediately, because scarring will be spelled out later. For rough skin itself, it is actually not only on the face but usually also on the feet and palms.

How to Smooth the Rough Skin Easily
How to Smooth the Rough Skin Easily

Smooth the rough skin easily

In general, to smooth the rough skin found on the feet, palms and face is not so difficult, as long as you have the will to try it. Well if that's the case, here are some tips for smoothing the skin. But before discussing the steps, we must first know which causes the rough skin on the face, palms and feet.

1. Age factor

This is the main factor that makes rough skin. As we know, skin smoothness usually changes with age. When I was a baby the skin of the body was very soft and smooth, but after old the skin will experience wrinkles, dryness and of course it becomes rough. Although this factor cannot be avoided, but at least it can be minimized when we are young.

2. Hereditary factors

If both of our people have skin that is not smooth, sometimes it is like that. But this factor can be overcome by regular skin care.

3. Hygiene factors

Usually this factor is a mistake of our own, such as lack of maintaining cleanliness and due to unhealthy eating patterns.

Tips for smoothing facial skin, feet and palms

1. Using Cucumber

Undoubtedly, cucumbers have characteristics for health and beauty, and they can be used to smooth rough skin on the feet. If your feet feel dry and cracked, you can use cucumber as a treatment by smoothing the cucumber and then applying it on the soles of the feet.

2. Using Vinegar

Vinegar is an ingredient that is often used as a flavoring dish, but it can also be used to smooth the skin of the feet. Prepare vinegar, washing liquid or detergent, provide warm water and containers or buckets. Mix the ingredients in a prepared container, then soak the feet for 15 minutes. After feeling enough, rinse the leg using clean water. To get a smooth foot, do this every day regularly.

3. Using Honey and Orange Water

Both ingredients are a good source of vitamins for skin health, because many cosmetics use honey as an ingredient to moisturize and smooth the skin. For use, you can mix Honey and Orange Water and apply it to the skin, but avoid the eye area. After 15 minutes then rinse your face with cold water, and don't forget to do this treatment regularly. In addition to using Orange Water, you can replace other mixtures such as Honey and Apples, Honey and Bananas and Honey and Avocados.

4. Use egg whites

Chicken eggs are very nutritious for health, starting from the yellow or white ones. For skin care, you can use egg white to remove facial pores and smooth rough skin. Separate the yellow contents of the egg from the white one, then apply the egg white to the rough face. It's easy, right?
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