5 The Best Health Insurance in Indonesia

5 The Best Health Insurance in Indonesia - As we know, from year to year Indonesia continues to experience changes. Starting from the Development sector, Humanity, and so forth. However, for health and medical expenses, in Indonesia it is still not feasible.

Therefore, the community is obliged to join the Insurance program as an alternative way to reduce the cost of treatment which is increasingly expensive.

5 The Best Health Insurance in Indonesia

Actually the Indonesian government has provided a health insurance program called BPJS. However, it is better if the community also participates in private health insurance.

This is because the insurance program that the government provides has limitations in covering drugs. For example, just like a drug with a high price, and so on.

Therefore, we have to take part in a private insurance program so we can cover drugs that are not covered by government insurance. In order not to be wrong in choosing Insurance, here we describe some of the best Health Insurance Programs.

What are Health Insurance, Functions and Uses?

Health insurance is a program that functions as health insurance for the insured if the insured has an accident or illness.

Health insurance is usually offered by companies with a variety of types and choices, such as the protection of hospitalization costs until pre-treatment and post-hospitalization in the hospital.

Not only that, now with insurance can also be used as collateral for the costs of normal and cesarean delivery to the insured.

But to get the protection of health insurance, you are obliged and must pay a premium on health insurance periodically. The amount of the premium fee varies, the value is adjusted to the health conditions of the insured, the level of risk, benefits and other provisions of the insurance company concerned.

Register for some of the best health insurance

In Indonesia, there are already a lot of choices and companies that provide health insurance services, but from various insurance we have to choose the best and also trustworthy. So that we are not wrong in choosing insurance.

5 of the best health insurance

Therefore, we will describe 5 of the best health insurance recommendations for you in Indonesia. The following include:

1. PT Prudential Life Assurance Health Insurance

It cannot be denied that this one insurance is the best insurance. Why is that? This is because Prudential Insurance has won 8 best insurance titles in Indonesia.

Not only that, this insurance has also spread its marketing offices throughout Indonesia. Starting from Bali, Bandung, Jakarta, Medan, Semarang, Batam, and so on.

Many customers who believe in insurance are due to the benefits obtained by customers. Customers can choose health insurance products in the form of PRUmajor Medical and PRUhospital Care. For additional insurance, customers can add PRUhospital and Surgical or PHS and also PRUmed.

The achievement gained by this insurance in 2015 was in the form of premium income which reached 26.9 trillion, contribution of tabaru funds as much as 2.2 trillion, total assets of 55.9 trillion, funds under management of 45.2 trillion and total claims paid to customers in 2015 of 9.1 trillion.

2. Allianz Health Insurance

The second best health insurance is Allianz. Allianz is one of the Insurance with strong financial funds. Recorded in 2014, Allianz was able to reap a net profit of 10.4 billion euros from revenue of 12.25 euros.

All of the net profits obtained by Allianz Insurance will be distributed to the shareholders of 6.22 billion euros. For the types of health insurance products provided are Smart Premier, here are some benefits that customers get:

  • Providing premium rooms at a rate of 6 million per night. Suitable for customers who want to seek treatment abroad
  • Additional benefits for customers infected with HIV
  • The inner limit for surgery is quite large

3. AXA Mandiri Health Insurance

The recommendation for health insurance is AXA Mandiri, because this insurance is one of the biggest and most famous insurance in Indonesia. Using the name Mandiri, because this insurance belongs to Bank Mandiri.

AXA Mandiri claims that they are able to meet the health needs of the insured, by providing several fairly complete facilities.

The way AXA Mandiri is to meet the health needs of the community is by presenting a variety of health insurance products. Here are some health insurance products that AXA Mandiri provides:

  • AXA Guarantee
  • AXA Prima
  • AXA Mandiri Hospital Life
  • AXA Global
  • AXA Health Optima
  • AXA Mandiri Proteksi Ka

4. Manulife Indonesia Health Insurance

Maybe you are familiar with this one insurance. Yes, Manulife is one of the oldest insurance companies in Indonesia since 1985. Just like Prudential, Manulife is also a Canadian company.

Although Manulife is from Canada, Manulife also operates in Asia, America and Canada. In Indonesia, Manulife provides a variety of insurance products offered. Such as life insurance, health insurance, provision of pension funds for customers individually and for industry players.

There are many advantages to being obtained from Manulife Insurance, including the following:

  • Dual system that makes it easy for customers to seek treatment abroad
  • The cost given to customers is 100%
  • Outpatient for 60 days is still covered by insurance
  • Additional benefits for customers affected by HIV or AIDS
  • Funeral costs of 30 million for each customer

5. Sinarmas MSIG Health Insurance

For the best health insurance, the latter is held by Sinarmas MSIG. Sinarmas MSIG Insurance provides one of its superior products, Smile Medical.

For customers who want to join this insurance must take several tests first, one of the tests is the question of how tall and weight.

If customers who want to register have obesity or obesity, then the insurance will weigh back the customer registration.

We can give Sinarmas MSIG Insurance a thumbs up, because the benefits that customers can get are very many. For example, insurance payments are very flexible and there is no linner limit.

Not only that, one of the most important advantages is that customers can seek treatment at any hospital, without having to fear that there will be rejection. It's really not amazing!

that's some of the Health Insurance that we recommend to you, hopefully you can be helped by the references we gave above in choosing the best Health Insurance.
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